[Hook: Fruity and Gucci Mane] I love you Gucci Mane, I love you too You got me? by all the things you do Well, bitch, pay me what you oh me, Imma pay you what I oh you I love you Gucci Mane, I love the loot You got me? by all the things you do Well, bitch, pay me what you oh me, Imma pay you what I oh you [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] I need a bitch that can pull me a bitch Or turn a trick, or better yet, turn me on to a lick I hope to know she a ho,Read More →

[Chorus: Young Thug] I slime you out, so I have you on this wing jet I slime you out, and split it with the team, yeah I slime you out, we pull up with the sting, yeah I slime you out, [?] with a machine, yeah I slime you out, I slime you motherfuckers out I slime you out, we comin’ burnin’ up your house I slime you out, you can see it in my eyes (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Verse 1: Karlae & Young Thug] Outside lookin’ in, there is no comparison You put them bitches in a line and I’ll embarrassRead More →

[Intro] Boston [Hook: Aminé] My wrist sore (true), my wrist sore (true) You don’t want no problems, bitch, no hiccups No hiccups, no hiccups He ain’t bout that drama, bitch, no hiccups I don’t trust no one My wrist is lookin frozen [Post Hook: Aminé] Ice cold, too cold, numb Might re-e-e-e-e-ewind Gave her dick and then I split, mhm Workin’ like I got a shift, mhm Youngest nigga poppin’ shit, mhm Don’t want no kids that’s bad as shit, yeah Had my whole my whole life give and go, mhm 24, now 24, mhm Diamonds on my bi-i-i-itch, mhm That’s drip all on myRead More →

[Chorus] Who’s that creeping through my window? Before you come outside, I got the M4 Took her to the endzone from The Ends, though Know I love to smoke, you love to lick more Wanna hit the Jack, then what you call for? All that out-your-name shit, that ain’t called for, mm [Verse 1] Who that creepin’? Know the tint is dark (five percent) All that fall-in-love shit, got it Kevin Hart (yeah, yeah) All that speed and fly shit, we might teleport, yuh (skrr, skrr) All that cop a rack shit, I might clip a sarge, yuh (twelve) Keep bouncin’ that ass, you justRead More →

[Intro] Zaytoven Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah, woah [Chorus: Future] Gone in the sky, over 20,000 I keep my wifi lit I spend over 5,000, that’s just on one fit I’m not going back no more when I ain’t have shit Pray I get a new connect, pray I get a brick [Verse 1: Future] I leave a bitch in the cold, oh I don’t act poor no more I left her sitting at the Loews, oh ‘Cause she wasn’t touching her toes, no I’m on some rich nigga shit It’s all about rich nigga timing Fully loaded whip I’m gone curve you kindnessRead More →

[Verse 1] And I got the world in the palm of my hands And I, all I wanna do is make you dance If I never see your face again, will I remember? Every time we go out, free drinks, sitting in the VIP Twenty minutes in, wanna leave quick Do you wanna roll with me? If I never see your face again, know I will remember [Chorus] Let’s runaway We could leave this crowd Runaway at the speed of sound If you need to breathe I’ll be your remedy So runaway, runaway Runaway with me [Verse 2] Oh, we, we could drive to theRead More →

[Chorus] Smoke that gas (yeah), car don’t need no gas (car) Livin’ fast (yeah), skrrt off on my past (what?) So damn bad (yeah), I just have to laugh (hey) Forget the past (hey), live it like your last (yeah) [Verse 1] Diamonds clash (what?), they gon’ do the dance (ha ha ha ha) My bitch got class, wrist piece devilish (ha ha ha ha) Do not ask, can’t pronounce this brand (yeah yeah) Throw them bands (yeah yeah), and come back for my ring [Chorus] Smoke that gas (yeah), car don’t need no gas (car) Livin’ fast (yeah), skrrt off on my past (what?)Read More →

[Filthy] If you know what’s good If you know what’s good Haters gon’ say it’s fake So real Haters gon’ say it’s fake So real I said, put your filthy hands all over me And no, this ain’t the clean version And what you gonna do with all that meat? Cookin’ up a mean servin’ No question, I want it Fire up, everybody smokin’ Your friends, my friends And they ain’t leavin’ till six in the morning (six in the morning) Caught a chill, baby, you the coldest Go far, put ’em on notice If you know what I want, then yeah Baby, don’t youRead More →

[Verse 1] We didn’t care what we looked like Dripping in sweat and desert vibes We didn’t care who was watching, no Our cotton candy make out on the side of [Pre-Chorus 1] A Ferris wheel I was scared to ride But I knew that I could do it with you by my side [Chorus] We felt like VIP’s in the background Couldn’t keep from kissing, getting glitter on your nose When your body was holding me close Yeah it was magical, anything but typical It was a hell of a sunset dream You were all over me like we were seventeen Yeah it wasRead More →

[Intro] Woop, ayy, ayy Ayy, ooh, ooh, ooh You can’t tell me shit, I got designer on me (brr) Ooh, Big Head on the beat (ayy, ayy) Trapper of the century [Chorus] You can’t tell me shit, I’ve got a hunnid on my wrist You can’t tell me shit, I’ve got a hunnid on my wrist (brr) You can’t tell me shit, I’ve got designer on my drip (what?) You can’t tell me shit, I’ve got designer on my drip (ayy) Designer on my drip, designer on my drip (what?) Designer on my drip (what?), designer on my drip (what?) You can’t tell me shit,Read More →

[Chorus: Chris Brown] Play on player Girls on top on girls, when we rocking (rocking) Play on player, play on player, play on player, play on player [Verse: Chris Brown] Sexy girl you came to party You ain’t with your friends Please come in in Girl don’t mind, one time Oh baby let me see you You walk across that jewelry Then slightly shake that booty (oh yeah) Get your walk while I do it I’ma show you all the way I play I do it [Chorus: Chris Brown] Play on player, play on player, play on player, play on player Play on player, playRead More →

[Intro: T-Pain & (Gucci Mane)] Yeah, boy, you gettin’ that T-Pain and Aoki (Gucci) All of y’all tryna do our shit, you just soundin’ like karaoke (Huh?) Long as y’all gettin’ lit (Yeah) Yellow Claw gettin’ lit (Ha) Long as y’all gettin’ lit, let’s go [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] It’s Gucci Mane in this bitch, and yeah, it’s lit, hella lit Yellow Rollie on my wrist, same color my yellow bitch I say I ain’t got no type, but I prefer ’em super thick I was born for this shit, you too borin’ for the bitch In the foreign, motor roarin’, sittin’ on Forgis withRead More →

Songtekst Sevn Alias – Patsergedrag Ik blow een stack, dat is patsergedrag Op die VIP deck met een b*tch aan een fles, dat is patsergedrag Ik beef met je .. met je ho op me lap, ben op patsergedrag Ik stress niet om ladies, chain om me nek, ben op patsergedrag Patsergedrag dit is patsergedrag. Alias Ik stress niet om ho’s enzo Money veel, nu vallen ze net domino’s Heb ik tijd mag ze rijden, geen Rodeo Ben ik druk zie ik je niet, ogen Tokiyo Ik rook goeie hasj, ik voel het in mijn zakken Maar ik geef het uit alsof ik rijk benRead More →

[Intro: The Notorious B.I.G.] It’s really just making a transition of being a street hustler nigga to like a [?] star Jahlil Beats, holla at me [Verse: Snoop Dogg] Me and my homeboys walked up in the strip club 37 deep, Long Beach, 20 crip, cous’ I could really give a fuck about a bitch, cous’ We in this motherfucker tryna hit a lick, cous’ Pouring drinks in a bitch face, tryna pop a bottle with a model I bought a whole case Glasses up, asses up They paying homage to a nigga like a [?] VIP scene looking like a massacre This little bitchRead More →

[Hook] Mama say I have trust issues I been feelin’ like Jesus She wants me to be her man I can’t baby, I’ma break you Baby, I would not lie to you I’d be careful if I were you I’m the one, but you might be too I’m not that liable Call me, pull off, skr-skr-skr-skr Smoking that a-la-la-la Give me that ah-ya-ya-ya Call me, let me pull off, right now, right now-now And when this drop starts to drop, baby look in the sky and grab a star [Verse] These bitches love Turbo and I love the purple I ball, Taj Gibson, baby boy,Read More →

Kralj sam diskoteka, djuskaj… kralj sam diskoteka Uspio sam u zivotu Bog mi dao sve i sto moze da se kupi ruke zarade Kabrio, dzip, limuzina sve po potrebi al’ ustvari sto mi treba to si samo ti [REF.] Kralj sam diskoteka svuda VIP sve se meni nude samo neces ti Kralj sam diskoteka a trosit’ nemam s kim reci mi sve zelje, maco da ti ispunim Uspio sam u zivotu Bog mi dao sve i sto moze da se kupi ruke zarade Prada, Gucci i Armani po mjeri mi kroje a ja oko struka samo zelim ruke tvoje [REF.] Kralj sam diskoteka svuda VIPRead More →

[Verse 1: Murs] I’m in my bass pro camo, lookin’ like a Rambo Military sack strapped with some Roman candles I’m ’bout to light it up like it’s Independence Day I do it underground, that’s the independent way I got a dinner date, I’m ten minutes late With this chick that I met up on the internate I mean the internet, I mean that fucking app I mean a meth head, I met her in the fucking trap (huh?) No, what the fuck is that? I met her at a show (oh) I’m like Jeezy, selling tickets like it’s fucking snow Or like I’m Yeezy,Read More →

[Intro] Han, c’est magique Toujours la même recette l’ami Shabz, Take [Couplet 1] J’me fais rare comme une meuf bien sur les réseaux sociaux J’avance avec le même blaze, avec les mêmes cas sociaux J’vais tout niquer sur Paris, on parle de moi à Sochaux Les rappeurs font les bandits, ils peuvent pas payer l’eau chaude Avant, elle m’voyait comme une merde, maint’nant j’suis Papi Chulo Les deux pieds sur terre en mode avion, salope j’ai du boulot C’est dur d’essuyer des erreurs quand t’es au bout du rouleau On est installé dans le VIP, ta sœur veut boire au goulot Tu vois les Gucci,Read More →

[Refrain] x4 Comment les faire planer ? J’dois rentrer la monnaie sans oublier d’briller, rajoute ça sur l’planning [Couplet 1] J’suis prêt, faut qu’ça dure J’compte plus les MCs qu’j’ai abattu La street et la hype m’ont entendu, paire de McQueen sur le bitume Meuf, j’peux pas répondre au tel, j’suis booké Tes ch’veux frisés me laissent pas anodins mais j’ai mille et un projets à boucler Cesse de bouder, fais à bouffer Élégant quand on sort, j’ai explosé tout mon budget On met les gants quand tu dors Un coup d’feu dans le VIP, c’est une soirée arrosée Parle à mon manager, c’est 2Read More →

[Hook: Yung Tory] These niggas my sons and I’m yo’ father She get lit when I play that water I’m in the VIP with yo’ baby momma I take her to the crib, you took her to Benihana I ain’t never bought a hoe McDonald’s I was trappin’ out my momma’s Honda [Verse 1: Yung Tory] I don’t know why these niggas talkin’ Like I don’t be with niggas that want lot from ’em Leave ’em in the creek like its Dawson Bitch I’m saucin’ baby I’m saucin’ So you should let me hit it ya I came through at the gym, you never hitRead More →

I have to keep reminding myself I’m not like anyone else That’s my face on my ID That makes me VIP No one exactly like this No one with my finger prints No one can touch you like me No I can’t fake what you see They told me ‘Girl to get your way, you’ve got to be a bitch’ They say a guy won’t get the girl if he’s not filthy rich You start with little changes till you don’t know who you are Surround yourself with friends who only call you Superstar Oh yeah (oh yeah) Oh yeah (oh yeah) Oh yeah (ohRead More →

Yo, VIP, let’s kick it! Ice ice baby Ice ice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow that a harpoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know Turn off the lights and I’ll glow To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle Dance Bum rush the speaker that booms I’m killin’ your brain like a poisonous mushroom Deadly, when I play a dope melody Anything less that the best isRead More →

Yeah…oh… Lights out [x2] I’m late to the party ‘cause it started at 9 I gotta call up my ex, so I’m runnin’ behind I’m wearing my stilettos with a couple of… And tonight, I’m hanging up ‘cause I wanna get loose I think I’m gonna fall in love with the DJ tonight… And make him press all my buttons ‘till the music is right. [x2] And turn the… [Chorus: ] (lights out) I just wanna move (wanna move) Now turn the…(lights out) Wind me up and see what I can do Turn the…(lights out) Don’t you wanna play (wanna play) And turn the…(lights out)Read More →

[Hook: Jacquees] Met her in the club All the ballers showing love Can you party with a thug I’m just trying to show you love VIP we got it packed This is where the party at You’re the one I wanna know So tell me how it’s supposed to go [Verse 1: Dej Loaf] He said meet me in Miami Ever been on a jet girl don’t you panic Get used to the whips and the mansions He ain’t know I was this thick T-Shirt, Panties We hit the club together we tip the dancers Might grab a couple if they really attractive Or IRead More →

Paroles Alonzo – DLG Pour cinquante euros, on les a corrompus Ils me font tous les vrais mais c’est que des faux culs Quartiers nord de Marseille, donnez-moi le Go Je vais tous me les faire, donnez-moi le Go Au fusil à lunette, je regarde la concu’ Tellement ils m’ennuient, je regarde des gros culs Quartiers nord de Marseille, donnez-moi le Go Je vais tous me les faire, donnez-moi le Go.(dlg) Je vais tous me les faire, donnez-moi le Go La conduite est nerveuse, j’ai changé le pot Je traverse le temps comme ton Avenue J’vous mets tous à l’amende et j’y ai pris goûtRead More →

[Part 1] Ich dachte dein Versprechen hält, noch letztes Jahr Hast du mir gesagt: "Wir sind ein perfektes Paar" Ich habe dir vertraut und glaubte jeden Satz Anscheinend war ich fehl am Platz Du bist eine Narbe in meinem Leben und deswegen will ich dich nicht seh’n Deine Lügen brauchst du nicht erzähl’n Heute gehst du raus mit jedem, ich hab’ alles für dich aufgegeben Und plötzlich ist es aus gewesen Die Frau mit Ehre ist jetzt unterwegs, mit jedem Hund zu seh’n Und laufe ich an dir vorbei, brauchst du dich nicht umzudreh’n Und dann rumzusteh’n und mich anzustarr’n Ich bin kein Bonze, ichRead More →

[Hook] Zu viele Sippis hier machen ein’ auf Baba 183 holt Kafas runter mit der Kalash, xalaz Kalash, Kalash, Kalash, Kalash Kalash, Kalash, Kalash, Kalash [Part 1] Onkel verteilt miese Nacken, Xalaz Bei Faxen fliegen Flaschen, Xalaz Ihr seid Diebe von Handtaschen, Xalaz Öffnen Shisha Bars zum Geld waschen, Xalaz Rede nicht viel, lade und schieß, Xalaz Lebe mit Stil, Dsquared-Jeans, Xalaz Lege die Line, deine Freundin will zieh’n, Xalaz Gebe jetzt Speed, Rapper können nicht fliehen, Xalaz Handy vibriert Rapper fragen nach feat, Xalaz Doch meine Antwort ist : "Kollege Chief !", Xalaz Zeitverschwendung ich muss Patte verdien’, Xalaz Ich bleib in Deckung, wennRead More →

[Intro] Amigo, Amigo! Hey! Ahh, I am Pepe! And I have what you need So what’s your poison, eh? Uppers, Downers, In’s, Out’s? I can get it all! You got that look in your eye, eh? I know you You want some Choo-Choo! Yeah Matta’ fact Hahahahaha Try’na hit the slopes Buckle Up Jump up in the bed and gimme head And you can bet that every time I walk Up in the room the women want to fuck 82 percent’ll go up and take the D’ You need to get some kinda brace for When you take it in the gut But the boyfriendRead More →

King Ray Juicy J TK N Cash Yall know what it is Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up bitch Get up [Hook] Magic City Monday Magic City Monday Bring them bandz out, ohh ohh Cuz I got dirty money on the floor Fuck it Imma throw some more So let me see you work that pole Already Already Already Already Already Already Already Already Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1] MagicRead More →

[Intro] If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you DJ EscoMoeCity, the coolest DJ on the motherfuckin’ planet Aye, aye, aye [Hook] Got a money counter on me, baby, how you love that? I’m a big timer, baby, how you love that? Got a money counter on me, baby, how you love that? Got bottles on me right now, how you love that? I’m drippin’ on ’em, baby, how you love that? I’m drippin’ on ’em, baby, how you love that? I’m drippin’ on ’em now, how you love that? I’m drippin’ on ’em now, how you love that? [Verse 1] I’m drippin’Read More →