(Intro) Yeah Yuh know Mi deh live my life fi me nuh Mi nah live fi nobody, hear that? (Chorus) dem just a draw allegation a wah mi do so Top bad-mine wah mi do you? you wah mi di look down and mi a look up Caw money affi mek han’ affi put up mama affi get a nice house a wah do yuh? Coach fi she cock up har foot up you wah mi di look down and mi a look up Caw money affi mek han’ affi put up (Verse 1) talk dem talking, alright keep dem talking fass dem fassing questionRead More →

(Verse 1) Cuban Linx and kilos We might get the rico Pull up on a sucka take his bitch like I was D Bo Got the four five in the six call it Cee-Lo Buying bottles with your cop money, nacho cheese Dorito (hol up!) All of my n*gg*s official as f*ck Big ass Mulsanne like I’m whipping the truck I’m sippin’ Ciroc while I’m sittin’ with Puff And talking ’bout business with Jigga at lunch That’s cray, that’s cray New toys, lets play I brought spades, with the deuce, like poof, let’s tre I must say, I get money, f*ck ho, don’t pay AndRead More →

(Intro) Ay man forget all that conscious sh*t, n*gg* You see these motha f*cking shoes, n*gg*? hah That’s how you hit a lick, boy Told you that sh*t would work, n*gg* Ay, you know you need to holla at our girl today now that we got all this fly sh*t, n*gg* Wish somebody would try today, the way I’m feelin myself (Verse 1) Yeah, look Trust me, I don’t like you for a lot of reasons n*gg* stop the greens You don’t f*ck with me or my feelings either Man pledge allegiance to the ‘mittee flag f*ck ’em all if they envy that I ain’tRead More →

(Chorus) A whole new world A new fantastic point of view But when I’m way up here It’s crystal clear Now I’m in a whole new world with you (Verse 1) Yo, winter season just fell upon my shoulders I just spent $20K on Glen Close posters I just three-wheeled through Nacogdoches When I rolled the window down, smokealidocious Head shoulders, wash the Benz with head and shoulders Last time I checked, syrup in my soda Last time this year, parking lot doing donuts Saw you a the fashion show, your style was atrocious (Chorus) A whole new world A new fantastic point of viewRead More →

(Verse 1) Chemical days so I can draw Conclusions in my ways I’ve come to take as law Always you don’t say Always you don’t say (Chorus) If the car beside you moves ahead As much as it feels as though you’re dead You’re not going backwards You’re not going backwards If the car beside you moves ahead As much as it feels as though you’re dead You’re not going backwards You’re not going backwards (Bridge) How can you sleep? How can you sleep? (Verse 2) Chemical days so I can draw Conclusions I’ve come to take as law Always Pakistan and Netherlands (Chorus) IfRead More →

(Intro) Dexter Check your access (Check your access) Dexter Uh woah Ear Drummers Ooh, uh All this money, I might hide it in the bank Know what I’m sayin’? What we doin’? Diamonds one me, f*ck around and make ’em Dex Meet Dexter Uh woah, uh Dexter, wait (Chorus) All this money, I might hide it in the bank (hide it in the what?) Diamonds on me, f*ck around and make you faint (f*ck around and make you faint) Talkin’ money, yeah, I be on that same sh*t (ooh) With my gang, b*tch, we dangerous, you can’t hang with this (you can’t hang, Dexter) AllRead More →

Meek Mill & Joyner Lucas team up on new dynamic single “Run It” Being behind bars wont stop the hothead rapper from hitting up the charts. The “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper was incarcerated last year for reckless endangerment after violating his probation, he was sentenced to 2 – 4 years in prison. Mills, believes Judge Genece Brinkley was biased towards him during the trial, can this be proven he will walk away a free man. While Mills faith depends on his attorney providing adequate documentations to prove judge Brinkley prejudism, he continues to focus on his music career. The Philly rapper was honored by theRead More →

Post Malone don’t want to be called a rapper anymore but he still wants you to listen to his raps. The “Rockstar” rapper got some heat on Twitter this week after making the statement during an interview with GQ. Post Malone spoke about his struggles being a white rapper in the music industry, which might have influenced him to making the statement on not wanting to be labeled a rapper anymore. Nevertheless, he currently has the No. 3 song on Billboard Hot 100. “I definitely feel like there’s a struggle being a white rapper,” Post Malone said. “But I don’t want to be a rapper.Read More →

(Verse) Big body on brabas, that’s all I know Big shotties in the closet, that’s all I wore Screaming “money over power” Quote, un-quote And if the bread get too low, kidnap John Doe (hold up) I just fucked your bitch in some Young Money flip flops I’m smoking on that loud and you can hear a pin drop (hold up) I just kissed my bitch and I left codeine in her mouth (yeah) Swimming in my money, I smell chlorine when I count Get ’em Skating, made em standing like dating them Running like Payton, I’m Christian like late and I’m Putting some straightenerRead More →

(Intro) Gum, di gum, di gum Gum, di gum, di gum (Verse 1) Tear off mi clothes, bus off mi p*nty Squeeze up mi throat, hang on pon min titty Balance pon di edge an a quint pon the c*cky Bum pon the top and a shake up mi b*tty (Chorus) Gum, di gum, di gum The glue, di gum mi have di Gum, di gum, di gum the grip the gum an mi nuh have fi use mi tongue, mi have the gum p*m pUm nuh big like a drum mi have the gum (Verse 1) Underneath me clean like a whistle p*nty seatRead More →

Cardi B has had enough of King Yella speaking bad on her name. Over the past week, Chicago rapper King Yella has been slandering Cardi B on social media telling his fans that he got with her before she was famous and even before she hooked up with Offset. Dancehall HipHop reported last week that Offset called up Yella on FaceTime and threatened to put hands on him if he doesn’t leave his girlfriend alone and as expected that threatened was not taken seriously. Cardi B is now speaking up for herself and not only did she denied having anything serious with him in theRead More →

Tekashi69, aka 6ix9ine, has confirmed that a collaboration with Lil Yachty is on the way. 6ix9ine has been having a steady climb in hip hop over the last year, but Yachty has had a bit of a tumultuous year with disappointed sales numbers for his debut album Teenage Emotions. He was also given the face of whack rappers last year and believe me there were plenty. Tekashi69 himself has been taking some heat from some rap fans who accused him of releasing trash music. So can this two controversial rappers turn their image around with this new joint they have coming. The New York MCRead More →

50 Cent is planning to expand his liquor business and working on a new album. The hip hop mogul has his footprints dotted across the entertainment business from music to movies and TV and even his own brand of vodka. Now 50 Cent is looking to expand his empire into the Champagne business. Perhaps it will be called Effen champagne. The rap titan is currently promoting his new movie “Den Of Thieves” starring himself, Gerard Butler, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. 50 Cent sat down for an interview with The New York Times where he revealed his plans to launch his new beverage and laying downRead More →

Alkaline, Popcaan, and Aidonia leads the 2018 Your View Awards nominees. The YVA has rebranded this year to Your View Award and the producers are promising a bigger and better show set for February 24. The Your View Award is already stirring up some controversies with a major snub to Vybz Kartel due to some changes in the eligibility rules. Alkaline lead the list of nominees this year with six nods including Hottest Summer Song (Red Eye), Favorite Local and International artist, and other categorgies like Chart Topper and Collaboration. Popcaan and Aidonia each have four nominations including nods in some of the same categoriesRead More →

Chris Brown is facing criminal charges and possible jail time over a pet monkey. Last month, the “Fine China” singer bought the capuchin monkey for his daughter Royalty. He took some heat from animal rights group when he posted a video of the toddler playing with the monkey and now there could be some legal troubles on the way. Some folks think that the animal is a danger to the 3-year-old girl and really should be left in the wild. Chris Brown shot back saying the animal is perfectly safe and everyone should just take a chill pill. Some people took the issue a stepRead More →

Bob Marley’s grandson Skip Marley joins the lineup of this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Skip is billed for day one of the annual music festival which usually pulls a massive crowd to Coachella Valley in mid-April. This show is set to take place on the weekend’s of April 13th to 15th and 20th to 22nd. This year’s Coachella is headline by Eminem, Beyonce, and hot new rapper Cardi B. Last year Beyonce pulled out of the event because of her pregnancy, but her fans will get a chance to see her in action for the first time in over a year. SkipRead More →

G-Eazy is the latest celebrity to cut ties with H&M amidst racist ad that went viral. The fashion brand has been getting some heat on social media since yesterday after it posted an ad on social media that wrecks of racism. Several celebrities who have been doing business with H&M have since cut ties including The Weeknd, who announced in a scathing tweet that he will immediately end his partnership with the brand. G-Eazy announced on Instagram on Wednesday that he too will end his partnership. “Over the past months I was genuinely excited about launching my upcoming line and collaboration with @HM… Unfortunately, afterRead More →

Kevin Gates is back home and already he is working on some new music. The number one rule for rappers getting out of prison is to strike while the iron is hot. Kevin Gates has been trending on Twitter since his release from prison on Wednesday so what better time to drop some new music. Akademiks posted a video showing the Baton Rouge rapper at his home with some friends listening to some unreleased music. Kevin Gates also posted a simple message for his fans on Instagram saying, “I’m him.” His fans on Twitter have been celebrating his return home but it’s still not clearRead More →

Lil Wayne has responded to a paternity suit involving a 15-year-old and he is making it clear that he is not the father. Keiotia Watson filed a paternity lawsuit against Lil Wayne in 2015 claiming that he is the father of her 15-year-old son, Dwayne, a name she gave him after his alleged father. She claimed that she slept with the rap icon back in 2001 and got pregnant. In her suit, she asked the court to name Lil Wayne as the father of her child and order him to pay her child support. Lil Wayne pretty much ignored her case and she filed aRead More →

Cardi B is threatening to make Offset go Eric Benet if he pulls another stunt again. JAY-Z coined the phrase on his single “Kill JAY-Z” off his 4:44 album. “You almost went Eric Benét, Let the baddest girl in the world get away, I don’t even know what else to say, Ni**a, never go Eric Benét!” Hov raps. During her performance at the Holiday Hip Hop Festival in Mississippi last night, Cardi B fired off a stern warning to her fiance Offset using some lines this time from Beyonce’s Lemonade. “I let a ni**a know though. You do that sh*t again, you gon’ lose yourRead More →

Pamputtae continues her onslaught on Beenie Man over a failed performance last weekend at Ghetto Splash in Kingston. Over the weekend, the female dancehall diva posted a video clip on Instagram ranting about the promoters of the show and Beenie Man who she accused off barring her performance. The dancehall legend quickly shot back saying that she did got a chance to perform but the fans just wasn’t feeling her. Beenie explained that it was his time slot to perform and she wanted to go on stage in his allotted time slot and he just wasn’t haven’t it. Pamputtae says that is not the caseRead More →

LA Lewis says “yes I am the one who is in the video.” The dancehall artists is not shying away from the cameras and is not in hiding contrary to some reports in the media. Earlier this week a video that has since gone viral surfaced on social media show a man closely resembling the enigmatic dancehall deejay. Now that he has confirmed that he is the one in the picture, LA Lewis is dismissing allegations that its a publicity stunt to gain more followers. “When yo have your real woman and you know your a gallis after a while you know your going toRead More →

XXXTentacion gets a lucky break for the holidays after being released from jail on house arrest. The rapper was arrested last week Friday and slapped with 15 new felony charges related to witness tampering, and just this week alone 8 new charges were filed against him. Prosecutors say he contacted his ex-girlfriend, the same female he is accused of kidnapping and beating, and coerce her to drop the charges against him. The judge ordered him taken into custody at his court hearing on December 15th, ruling that he broke the terms of his bond. He also again contacted her while he was in jail andRead More →