[Verse 1] How great the chasm that lay between us How high the mountain I could not climb In desperation, I turned to heaven And spoke Your name into the night Then through the darkness, Your loving-kindness Tore through the shadows of my soul The work is finished, the end is written Jesus Christ, my living hope [Verse 2] Who could imagine so great a mercy? What heart could fathom such boundless grace? The God of ages stepped down from glory To wear my sin and bear my shame The cross has spoken, I am forgiven The King of kings calls me His own BeautifulRead More →

[Intro: Tye Tribbett & Snoop Dogg] Okay, are y’all ready? Turn it up, Snoop Yeah, let’s go to church like yah! Come on, everybody clap your hands 1,2 [Verse 1] Listen up, let me testify how God’s been good to me He came through for me time after time Even when I didn’t believe When my life took a real bad turn He turned it for my good (He never left me) He never left me [?] Just like He said He would (Here we go, You are) [Chorus] You are the antidote You’re the healing for my soul You are the remedy You haveRead More →

Uh, fuckin’ hoes that ain’t worth a cent In homes that ain’t worth the rent Perfect sense, this is the circus that I had to circumvent If you fly, I’m turbulance Murder murder, screamin’ "Fuck 12!" with a perfect 10 In these streets runnin’ ’round robbin’ every fuckin’ body like a tournament Once the time has turned This is the only shit I learned I put a bridge over my pool, that’s for all the ones that burned I hope you pick up game, it’s a pick up game, winner’s ball Hoes annoying just like the hiccups man, that’s Biggie Smalls Dope dick give yourRead More →

[Intro] Dispatch, we are in pursuit of two hostile fugitives One immensely obese brute accompanied by a scrawny peg-legged minion Now, we have attempted peaceful negotiations here, but- Wait, what’s this? We’re picking up something on another frequency Let me patch it through… [Junkrat] They call me Junkrat I’m a violent rodent I never use guns, but I like explosives I’ll stop the payload with my remote (click) It’s good news when I say “I’ve blown it” I’m always laughin’ ‘cuz I’m always jokin’ Swipe me right on Tinder because I’m smokin’ hot Probably ‘cuz I’m a pyro My hair’s on fire, if you needRead More →

5’9" in a skintight dress Standin’ by the bar lookin’ unimpressed Walked up, asked her how she liked the set Looked me up and down and she just said "Meh" Shock, shock, shock, shock Then I looked at her, said "You’re not that hot" Of course that’s what got her We fucked all night and watched Harry Potter (Whoo!) Ironically, the pussy was magic Had a girl at home but I had to have it I flew her out to all of the markets June, July, and all of August ‘Bout to cut her off right before I got caught up Then late one nightRead More →

[Verse 1] Oh God, save me I want an impossible thing I want to be free of this ache, of this need I want not to want anything Someone said, "God is here tonight" Said they saw her outside getting high Turn your head to the side Hold your gaze against mine And there it is A mark of the divine [Chorus] Are you taking me to the end of desire? (end of desire) Are you taking me home? (taking me home) Are you taking me home? (taking me home) Are you taking me to the end of desire? (end of desire) Are you takingRead More →

I’m looking at you through the glass Don’t know how much time has passed Oh God it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever Feels like I’m sitting all alone inside your head How do you feel, that is the question But I forget, you don’t expect an easy answer When something like a soul becomes initialized And folded up like paper dolls and little notes You can’t expect to bitter folks And while you’re outside looking in Describing what you see Remember what you’re staring at is me ‘Cause I’m looking at you through the glass Don’t know how muchRead More →

When I was but a young man, I was wild and full of fire A youth within my teens, but full of challenge and desire I ran away from home and left my mother and my dad I know it grieved them so to think their only boy went bad I fell in with an outlaw band, their names were known quite well How many times we robbed and plundered, I could never tell This kind of sinful living, leads only to a fall I learned that much and more the night I heard my Master’s call One night we rustled cattle, a thousand headRead More →

Is that enough? I think it’s over See, everything has changed And all this hatred may just make me strong enough To walk away Well, they may chase me to the ends of the earth But I’ve got you babe And they may strip me of the things that I’ve worked for But I’ve had my say, babe So hear me now I’ve enough of these chains I know they’re of my making No one else to blame for where I stand today I’ve no memory of truth But suddenly the audience is so cruel So God, hey God you know why I’m through ThroughRead More →

[Verse 1: The Weeknd] I ran out of tears when I was 18 So nobody made me but the main streets ‘Cause too many people think they made me Well if they really made me then replace me Homeless to Forbes List, these niggas bring no stress I feel like Moses, I feel like I’m chosen And if you ain’t my nigga then your girl single to me I don’t give a damn if a nigga said he knew me Grew up with no father so nobody ever "son" me My flow too sick, Kevin Costner couldn’t touch me I know you wish that nobodyRead More →

Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah [Verse 1] I guess I got caught up In the rough and tumble I didn’t mean to cause no trouble At all, at all I’m just so sick Of the dream they’re selling It doesn’t feel like heaven At all, at all [Chorus] So give me something Oh, give me something Give me something I can believe in Give me something Come on, give me something Please, give me something I can believe in [Verse 2] I fell in love with fear Oh God, forgive me Have mercy on me Oh it’s not easy here Hey, please excuse theRead More →

[Verse 1] Jupiter, kung fu, you know what I’m talking ’bout Garden, darling, you know who the song’s about Same old human, but you know who I really am When I say “Truman”, I know you gon’ understand me Tears keep falling and writers got the best of me New York’s calling, meet me on balcony Say lead me, lead me But you know what I really mean is Keep me, keep me [Pre-Chorus] When you’re lonely and you need someone Then just call me and you got someone I’ll come running, I’ll drop everything Cause You know that you’re my everything When you’re busy,Read More →

[Verse 1] So what you been doing? I’ve been loving my life waking up on my own Are you doing the same thing? You can say if you like but I don’t need to know And I, I’ve been wondering why we’ve been waste all this time So what you been doing? I thought that I saw you, I guess I was wrong Are you doing the same thing? Convincing yourself you’re better alone And I could tell you how you never left my mind Then you tell me that you miss me and I’m like [Chorus] Oh God, I miss you too It’s allRead More →

I’m in the dark, I’d like to read his mind But I’m frightened of the things I might find Oh, there must be something he’s thinking of to tear him away-a-ay When I tell him that I’m falling in love why does he say-a-ay Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry Hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry Uh-ah I try so hard not to get upset Because I know all the trouble I’ll get Oh, he tells me tears are something to hide and something to fear-eh-eh And I try so hard to keep it inside so no one can hear HushRead More →

Don’t be late now What time is it now? Don’t tell me lie uh What time is it now? 지금 몇 신 데 (Right now) 어떻게 넌 그래 (왜냐면) 내가 널 이렇게 이렇게 이렇게 오래 기다리니까 왜 자꾸만 Yeah 떡밥을 투척해 같은 패턴 지겨워 You kna mean? 우쭈쭈 하지 마 나 컸어 화난 거 까먹어 그만 쓰담쓰담 해 I’ll be your babe babe babe 매일매일 나는 진짜 얌전히 있었는데 늘 혼자였던 내게 내게 네가 필요해 But 넌 넌 넌 넌 또! (What time is it my bebe) 어딜 봐 여기야 내가 말하고 있잖아 Just ra ra ra right now (Say it) Wa wa wa whatRead More →

넌 언제나 자켓을 꼭꼭 눌러 입고 잠깐을 벗어놓는 적이 없어 완벽해 여기저기 너를 향해 유혹의 바람을 호호 불어대도 너는 그저 I don’t care 궁금해졌어 확인하고 싶어 나에게도 너 거부할 수 있을지 연애가 싫은 거니 아니면 아직까지 못 만났겠지 나 같은 girl 손 까딱 안 해도 난 네 맘 열 수 있어 자신만만한 네 시선이 난 귀여워 네게 다가갈게 놀라지는 말아줘 심장은 뜨겁게 눈부시게 보여줄게 paradise 맞아 난 좀 달라 난 온도가 달라 더워 더워 더워 나와 있으면 넌 더워 더워 더워 난 항상 뜨거워 벗어 벗어봐 벌써 내가 이겼어 넌 언제나 새까만 선글라스로 네 눈을 가리고 괜히 무관심한 척을 해 이리저리 너를 향해 유혹의 눈빛을Read More →

Mino’s Solo Track “Body” [MINO] Geuriwo neoui mom ganjireoun sumsori Saenggakna eoryeompusi I can’t feel you Geuriwo neoui mom challangideon meori Saenggakna eoryeompusi So where are you Oh God neol bogosipeo (Yeah) Mokjeogeun dareuljido Alkorui himeul billyeo (Yeah) silsuro jeonhwahaljido Moreugesseo pandanryeogi heuryeo heuryeo heuryeo Muuisikjunge heogonge neoreul Geuryeogeuryeogeuryeo michyeotnabwa Sagwaneun piryoeoptjanha urin anya adamgwa ibeu Kulhange meosjingeorago migugeseon malhajanha You nah mean? Gieokna neoui badi badi badi Wanbyeokhan biyureun geoui sagi sagi sagi I’m talkin’ about your mom Talkin’ about your dari Talkin’ about your lips Talkin’ about your meoributeo balkkeutkkaji Oh I’m talkin’ about your mom Talkin’ about your everything Geunde neon eodisseoRead More →

[P.O] Stop it baby sumi makhyeo jukgesseo maeilmaeil Oh swit Don’t touch me baby Oneulburo geudaen X-girl friend Hwanan ni pyojeongeun Real Alligator Seonggyeogeun orakgarak ellibeiteo Nan oneul bam peurainokeu prodeulgwa Haragal geoya hwansangui LAro [B-Bomb] Don il gajok munje neo anieodo bokjaphae Geureoni jebal nal jom naebeoryeo dwo Neon neomu yeppeujiman geumankeum bissan cheogeul hae Neo wanjeon bapmasiya Baby [U-Kwon] Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy Nado ttan yeojadeul nune Kkwae maeryeok itneun nomin geol Oh Oh Stop it baby oh girl you like crazy Motdoego igijeogin Beautiful Girl Oh Oh [P.O] Nal jom jebal naebeoryeo dwo Goppi pullin deusi nae meotdaeroRead More →

[Hook] I need to make me a play (yeah) I need to make me a play (oh God) I need to make me a play (on God) I need to get back in the game (yeah) I need to get back in the game (yeah) I had to get back in the game (oh God) I had to make me a play (on God) I had to get back in the game [Verse 1] I had to run up the score, I had to get back I had to run up the floor, I had to hustle I had to stop fucking with ya’ll, IRead More →

[Intro] I guess right now you’ve got the last laugh [Verse 1] I’m sorry if I seem uninterested Or I’m not listenin’, or I’m indifferent Truly I ain’t got no business here But since my friends are here, I just came to kick it But really I would rather be at home all by myself Not in this room with people who don’t even care about my well-being I don’t dance, don’t ask, I don’t need a boyfriend So you can, go back, please enjoy your party I’ll be here Somewhere in the corner Under clouds of marijuana With this boy who’s hollering I canRead More →

The idea is simple, to be underwater, Hold my breath, sink deeper, Say a prayer, sink deeper. You might consider this surrender, But I’m descending: Constructing a most pleasant ending [Chorus] I can still see the city, I can still recognize. To remain is to be separated, I can still see the city, To carry on is to be divided. I can still redefine. I’ve been spending time, Trying to keep outside of the light. I’ve been spending time At the bottom, at the bottom. You would not believe How true the salt feels. Oh God, the relief Of oceanic sleep. [Chorus] I can stillRead More →