[Instrumental Intro] [Chorus: Belly] Six inch heel, she walked in the club like nobody’s business Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness She worked for the money, she worked for the money From the start to the finish And she’s worth every dollar, worth every dollar But she’s worth every minute She work for the money She work for the money She work for the money She work for the money [Verse 1: The Weeknd] She’s stacking money, money everywhere she goes You know, pesos out of Mexico De uno, commas and them decimals She don’t gotta give it up, she professional SheRead More →

[Verse 1: Julius] Have you ever heard that Slaughterhouse song Goodbye? When I heard that song I cried Crooked was reminiscing on the tragic day when his uncle passed away If Crooked was sad that day so was I That was my uncle too nigga so how wrong was I Trying to hold back tears yo the fact is I was at that awkward age thought I was too grown to cry But my eyes wasn’t close to dry Going through ups and downs the ebb and flow Trying to pick myself off the F’n floor Take the letter F from flow feeling extra lowRead More →

[Intro] Yeah, ok, yeah These the darkest nights your boy done ever seen, yeah [Verse 1] These the darkest nights your boy done ever seen A hunnid days, a hunnid nights, it’s like a murder scene You know we seen but ain’t heard a thing We just keep the choppers on the judge The kitchen looking like the Medaying Ball, who you think you playing with? The ones that running with you Them the ones you ain’t done playing with Six feet under shit’s creek, dead sheep You can hear the majors crying when the dead speak They tell you everything you wanna hear, okRead More →