[Verse 1: Ralo] I made it out of the struggle Shout out on my mother Mama said I can’t have friends All of these niggas my brothers I survived over everything Niggas dying over everything Niggas talking when the feds came Moving along is a bad thing Everybody get tried Only the strong survive [Hook: Ralo] A life like this, you won’t survive The crosses, the losses, the hustle, the judge, I survive [Verse 2: Young Scooter] I’mma survive, I’mma survive, I’mma survive yeah Tell ’em I’m trying, tell ’em I’m tired, tell ’em I tried yeah I’m gonna shine, ’til I get mine, I’mRead More →

[Intro: Tyler Carter] Remember when I didn’t need you? Well I need you now To hold my head Up high, say it’s all better child Remember when [Verse 1: Michael Bohn] Some days I feel like a saint I’m so alive Some days I can’t make it enough It’s like I have no spine Can’t do anything right Now when midnight comes I’ve run out of time to Make some kind of difference But I realize I constantly overlook the impact I’ve made Maybe I’m longing to change my own face To make you proud, I wanna make you proud When you’re looking down onRead More →

[Verse 1: Michael Bohn] Until death, used to mean something more Than a proverb framed on the walls of a broken home Closed doors can only hide so much Pacing through this hallway, I listen in disgust As you divide my mind and force my years into minutes Destroy the hands of time, the hands that made me whole [Verse 2: Michael Bohn & Tyler Carter] What if I become a silhouette of this very same thing Then everything you taught me seems to start fading Oh how am I now to survive as a heart divided Between the very hands that made me wholeRead More →

[Verse 1: Nylo] What if I was wrong, and jumped to conclusions Cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous So I just assume that you’re doing things before you get the chance So I can leave and feel like I’ve got the upper hand Guilty yeah, maybe I’m just scared to go all in Never was much for the life of gambling But you can’t win if you don’t play If you don’t play there’s no shame in us Let’s call a spade a spade [Pre-Chorus: Tyler Carter] I said I wouldn’t let you down But it’s like we both have changedRead More →

[Verse 1: Michael Bohn] Fuck the voice of a generation I just wanna be who I am No one can change or guide me I’m content with where I stand So fuck the voice of a generation You can stand on your own two feet Hooligans from across the nation Sing my songs when you mob the street [Refrain: Choir & Michael Bohn] This is who we are, we are a product of– This is who we are, we are a product of war [Verse 2: Michael Bohn] In the grain of our skin, we think this is it Portrayed by a stigma that won’tRead More →

[Verse 1: Tyler Carter] Riddle me this, I gotta figure it out Are they laughing at me Because I’m prone to fear and doubt Am I messed up, am I loud Well eat my dust that’s all I am a speck out in the crowd I’m trying to clean up the mess I made But the towel I used to soak up my worry it just went up in flames You see I got a conscience like gasoline I could siphon shit out, fuck it and leave But, I fuel the fire with everything they said it’s stuck in my mind You’re better off deadRead More →

Show me what you’re worth Get up Facedown, thinking about He’s so hardcore when he’s running his mouth He’s always gonna be that fucking guy You got a few things bottled up Jump on a couple bottles like double dutch Jager got you faded when society’s got you jaded How do you expect to grow When all you wanna do is break It’s time to let shit go And let the chorus play No I don’t wanna be tough I wanna make sure they can see me cry sure enough Don’t wanna bottle this up The way you make me feel when you’re around ToughRead More →

[Verse 1: Tyler Carter] Yeah I would wake up next to you if I could And I would stare straight past them all to you I could never say it like I sang it Drunk dialing, cause we’re faded [Chorus: Tyler Carter] But I’ll be, I’ll be, But I’ll be the first to say You could be my mistake I know I want it but I can’t stay I can’t stop thinking it , thinking it I can’t stop thinking it, thinking it I know I want it but I can’t stay I can’t stop thinking it , thinking it I can’t stop thinking it,Read More →

[Verse 1: Michael Bohn] Coming out of my shell again No one’s there, let’s pretend to See a girl and a boy standing next to me And at this party I’ll pretend For a moment I just might have friends The chimes of them dancing to break free I’ve got to cut the chains all loose so I can fit in I said be silent No one can hear you You feel like i did when no one comes near you Cause they think that you’re weird and you’re stained like a carpet the carpet your mom ruined making you pay [Chorus: Tyler Carter] WhatRead More →

[Verse 1: Michael Bohn] Heart broken, throat is swollen Street walking, loss of hope Fresh wounds, old scars you’ve chosen Thirsty for a taste of youth [Verse 2: Tyler Carter] She’s a motherfuckin’ five living the life of a nine And thinking that she’s a bad bitch, chick is a savage Eatin’ the bullshit of every player that’s grabbing I guess if you’re in love with the streets Then you’ll die in the sheets With the coke on your chest and his lips on your cheek [Chorus: Tyler Carter] Play it up for me, cause no one here can see All of your schemes soRead More →

I’m so mad at myself, For giving in to what I want, never again. That feeling we felt, We called it love, you called it off And I never been so mad at myself. I got this old girl, I know she’s trying to play me. She’s like a Honda, these days I drive Mercedes. She’s a killer, try to get inside my head, Try to give her wine and bread, but she prefers the blood I bled. Playing chess, ain’t no way I’m gonna fight fair. She’s playing tricks like the vixen in my nightmares. So damn greedy, that girl is so needy, I’mRead More →

Standing in front of this bed with some matches, watch it burn I’ll pray my body burns too Why do, I do the things I do Things I do And did it blind you, blind you That you are the only one who can see what I’ve done Eight years just to feel the same I need to get up and make a change Get up and get over this My voice it echoes My thoughts collide You said I’m dead to you I prayed for you Now you’re dreams can come true There’s a place in my bed where you rested your head NowRead More →

自分に嘘つくたび 何かを失ってく 気づいていたけれど 素直になれなくて あきらめきれずに もがき続けた 季節の終わりに あなたに会えたの Lovin’ you… 「愛してる」が Lovin’ you… 聞きたい Lovin’ you… I’m lovin’ you Lovin’ you… 向かい風も ふたりでいれば何もこわくないよ いくつもの想い出に いつも支えられてる 泣き明かした夜さえ 今になればいとしい 笑えるくらいに 不器用だけど あなたの右手だけは 離さずにきたの Lovin’ you… 「愛してる」と Lovin’ you… 言わせて Lovin’ you… I’m lovin’ you Lovin’ you… 夜の終わり 最後に話す人はあなただから ひとりには広すぎる この星の この街で さよならをくり返し あなたにたどり着けた あなたにたどり着いた Lovin’ you… 「愛してる」が Lovin’ you I’m lovin’ you, I’m lovin you 聞きたいから Lovin’ you… 「愛してる」が Lovin’ you… 聞きたい Lovin’ you… 向かい風にいま帆を揚げて ふたり漕ぎ出そうRead More →

I didn’t hear you leave I wonder, how am I still here? And I don’t wanna move a thing It might change my memory Oh, I am what I am I’ll do what I want, but I can’t hide And I won’t go, I won’t sleep, I can’t breathe Until you’re resting here with me And I won’t leave and I can’t hide, I cannot be Until you’re resting here with me I don’t wanna call my friends For they might wake me from this dream And I can’t leave this bed Risk forgetting all that’s been Oh, I am what I am I’ll doRead More →

So long ago, I don’t remember when That’s when they say I lost my only friend Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease As I listened through the cemetery trees I seen the sun comin’ up at the funeral at dawn The long broken arm of human law Now it always seemed such a waste She always had a pretty face So I wondered how she hung around this place [Chorus] Hey, come on try a little Nothing is forever There’s got to be something better than In the middle But me & Cinderella, We put it all together We canRead More →

And so the the story begins City dweller, successful fella Thought to himself oops I’ve got a lot of money I’m caught in a rat race terminally I’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in it I’m paying the price of living life at the limit Caught up in the centuries anxiety It preys on him, he’s getting thin He lives in a house, a very big house in the country Watching afternoon repeats and the food he eats in the country He takes all manner of pills and piles up analyst bills in the country It’s like an animal farm lot’s of ruralRead More →

There’s a few million angels movin’ around me I just worship thee, for all he’s done for me It’s a new day, I have been born again I’ve been born again, I’ve been born again In His spirit, and His name I’m sanctified! Lord I testify He’s right by my side I believe it be His word is so clear to me Yeah, yeah OK all I want is 100 million dollars and a bad bitch Plus that paper chasin’, it done turn me to a savage Groupies in the lobby they just tryna get established God, I’ve been guilty, fornicatin’ from my status AllRead More →

[Intro] Blue moon, you saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own [Bridge] Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for You heard me saying a prayet for someone I really could care for [Verse 1] And suddenly there appeared before me the only one my arms could ever hold I heard someone whisper, “Please, adore me” And when I looked my moon had turned to gold [Verse 2] Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own Without a love of my ownRead More →

Durch den Sturm hör ich weit weg, weit weit, eine Stimme, deine Stimme. Hörst du mich? Durch den Nebel seh ich weit weg, weit weit, einen Schatten, deinen Schatten. Siehst du mich? Refrain: Was ‘n Wetter, was ‘ne Zeit. Es is’ finster weit und breit. Bist du’s? Durch den Regen spür ich ganz nah, nah nah, ein Gesicht, dein Gesicht. Halt mich fest.Read More →

We’ve had some fun, and yes we’ve had our ups and downs Been down that rocky road, but here we are, still around We thought about someone else, but neither one could debate We thought about breaking up, but now we know it’s much too late We are bound by all the rest Like the same phone number All the same friends And the same address Yes, it’s true, I’m happy to be stuck with you Yes, it’s true, I’m so happy to be stuck with you ‘Cause I can see that you’re happy to be stuck with me We’ve had our doubts, we neverRead More →

A Hundred Pounds Of Clay Gene McDaniels Highest chart position # 3 in 1961 Written by Bob Elgin, Luther Dixon, and Kay Roger He took a hundred pounds of clay And they He said “Hey, listen” “I’m gonna fix this-a world today” “Because I know what’s missin’ “ Then He rolled his big sleeves up And a brand-new world began He created a woman and-a lots of lovin’ for a man Whoa-oh-oh, yes he did With just a hundred pounds of clay He made my life worth livin’ And I will thank Him every day For every kiss you’re givin’ And I’ll thank Him everyRead More →

“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” is your Benzedrine, uh-huh I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed I thought I’d pegged you an idiot’s dream Tunnel vision from the outsider’s screen I never understood the frequency, uh-huh You wore our expectations like an armored suit, uh-huh I’d studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines Richard said, “Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy” A smile like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth You said that irony was the shackles of youth You wore a shirt of violent green, uh-huh I never understood the frequency, uh-huh “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” is yourRead More →

[Verse 1] Young, wild, American Lookin’ to be somethin’ Out of school go-go’n For a hundred or two Some asshole broke me in Wrecked all my innocence I’ll just keep go-go’n And this dance is on you [Pre-Chorus] One, five, ten, lay a million on me Before the end of this song [Chorus] Young, wild, American C’mon baby, do you have a girlfriend? Rain on me a million I’m not flawless, but I gotta diamond heart [Post-Chorus] Oh, I I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heart Oh, I I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heartRead More →

[Intro] Here we go! [Verse 1] I can’t wait to smoke them all Whole pack like Marlboro Blow it in your face, blow it in your face Blow it in your, blow it in your face I can’t wait to rev you up Faster than you can say “Ferrari” Tearin’ up the gravel, watch you unravel Now it’s a party Hey, I can’t wait to cast my spell Which one you’ll never tell ‘Cause I got it covered, city gravy southern Got you drippin’ like no other [Chorus] Get off on me, my body’s got you pleadin’ Light me up and breathe in Mirror onRead More →

[Intro: Spoken] It’s like, I just love a cowboy You know I’m just like, I just, I know, it’s bad But I’m just like Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse And can you go a little faster?! [Verse 1] 3 am, mustang speedin’ Two lovers, headed for a dead end Too fast, hold tight, he laughs Runnin’ through the red lights Hollerin’ over, rubber spinnin’ Big swig, toss another beer can Too lit, tonight, prayin’ On the moonlight [Pre-Chorus] Every John is just the same I’m sick of their city games I crave a real wild man I’m strung outRead More →

[Intro] Tap down those boots while I beat around Let’s funk downtown Tap down those boots while I beat around Funk me downtown [Verse 1] I lay around, touch myself to pass the time I fell down, I wish you were mine I close my eyes Take a breath and I picture us in a place I can’t recognize [Pre-Chorus] In the fire I call your name out (oh-o-oh-oo-ahh-ahh) Up full night tryin’ to rub the pain out (oh-o-oh-oo-ahh-ahh) [Chorus] I’m singin’ Baby don’t cry Baby don’t cry Dancin’ in circles, feels good to be lonely Baby don’t cry Baby don’t cry I’m singin’ dancin’Read More →

[Verse 1] I came down the mountain Draggin’ our love affair Put on a pretty little number I’m wearing you still It was a hell of a scene at daddy’s feast Nobody saw it coming, but the little red devil in me He has a funny way saying forever too fast Don’t get mad, can’t blame a tramp For something he don’t have I get on my knees and beg you [Chorus] Hear my sinner’s prayer I am what I am And I don’t wanna break the heart of any other man But you, but you Hear my sinner’s prayer It’s the only one IRead More →

[Verse 1] Everybody’s got to love each other Stop throwin’ stones at your sisters and your brothers Man, it wasn’t that long ago we were all living in the jungle So why do we gotta put each other down When there’s more than enough love to g-g-go around? [Chorus] Come to mama Tell me who hurt ya There’s gonna be no future If we don’t figure this out [Verse 2] Dude in a lab coat and a man of God (Come onto mama, come on, mama) Fought over prisms and a forty-day flood (Come onto mama, come on, mama) Well, I say rainbows did moreRead More →

[Verse 1: Lady Gaga & Florence Welch] Hey girl, can you hear me? Are you holding out your heart? Hey girl, do you feel me? Sometimes I go too far Hey girl, it ain’t easy I know it’s pulling me apart But darlin’, don’t you leave me Baby, don’t you leave me [Chorus: Lady Gaga & Florence Welch] Hey girl, hey girl We can make it easy if we lift each other Hey girl, hey girl We don’t need to keep on one-in’ up another Hey girl, hey girl Hey girl, hey girl If you lose your way Just know that I got you JustRead More →