You’re hypnotized, can’t see the signs I’d like to help you, but I think it’s too late Made up your mind and now you’re blind I guess it’s easier than making mistakes Don’t ask me why then roll your eyes at the answer You want to fight, but I won’t bite at the page And I’ma try and change your eyes to the pain ‘Cause I will tell you So don’t tell me what I can’t see ‘Cause we both know it’s you, not me You don’t want this but it’s what you need And you’ll see it when you believe You’ll see it, you’llRead More →

[Verse 1] My head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost I need to feel something, cause I’m still so far from home Cross your heart and hope to die Promise me you’ll never leave my side [Verse 2] Show me what I can’t see when the spark in your eyes is gone You’ve got me on my knees I’m your one then come Cross my heart and hope to die Promise you I’ll never leave your side [Pre-Chorus] Cause I’m telling you you’re all I need I promise you you’re all I see Cause I’m telling you you’re all I needRead More →

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you Cause’ I’ll forget but I’ll never forgive you Don’t you know, don’t you know? True friends stab you in the front It’s funny how things work out Such a bitter irony Like a kick right to the teeth It fell apart right from the start But I couldn’t even see the forest for the trees (I’m afraid you asked for this) You got a lot of nerve but not a lot of spine You made your bed when you worried about mine This ends now I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you Cause I’llRead More →

[Verse 1] Remember the moment you left me alone and Broke every promise you ever made I was an ocean, lost in the open Nothing could take the pain away [Chorus] So you can throw me to the wolves Tomorrow I will come back Leader of the whole pack Beat me black and blue Every wound will shape me Every scar will build my throne [Verse 2] The sticks and the stones that You used to throw have Built me an empire So don’t even try To cry me a river Cause I forgive you You are the reason I still fight [Chorus] So youRead More →

[Intro] S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit Let’s hear it S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit Let’s hear it Let’s go [Verse 1] I’ve had enough There’s a voice in my head Says I’m better off dead [Bridge] But if I sing along a little fucking louder To a happy song, I’ll be alright [Verse 2] You want to give up Gave it all that you’ve got And it still doesn’t cut [Pre-Chorus 1] But if you sing along a little fucking louder To a happy song You’ll be just fine cause [Chorus] Every now and again we get the feeling And the great big void inside us opens up And I reallyRead More →

[Intro] [Verse 1] Cut off my wings and come lock me up Just pull the plug yeah, I’ve had enough Tear me to pieces, sell me for parts You’re all vampires so here You can have my heart You can have my heart You can have my heart You can have my heart [Verse 2] The world’s a funeral, a room of ghosts No hint of movement, no sign of pulse Only an echo, just skin and bone They kicked the chair but we, we helped tie the rope You can have my heart You can have my heart You can have my heart YouRead More →

She moved in next door to me And she showed me her world What a neighbor, thanks for the favor She’s a very sexy girl She’s a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She’s a very sexy girl She’s a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She’s a very sexy girl I got a feeling I can’t go wrong ‘Cause every time I see her It’s like hearing my favorite song She’s already down the steps, She’s way down the block But my heart keeps beating faster, And it just won’t stop She’s a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She’s a very sexy girlRead More →

For my wedding, I will dress in black And never again will I look back Ah, my dark angels we must part For I’ve made a sanctuary of my heart To want what I have To take what I’m given with grace For this I pray On my wedding day For my wedding, I don’t want violins Or sentimental songs about thick and thin I want a moment of silence and a moment of prayer For the love we’ll need to make it in the world out there To want what I have To take what I’m given with grace For this I pray OnRead More →

Your eyes Crashin’ into my eyes Was accidentally falling in love Your words Didn’t mean to hear but heard Were coincidentally more than enough All these days I never thought That I would need someone so much Who knew? But I don’t think I ever planned For this helpless circumstance With you You’re scared, I’m nervous But I guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose, on purpose Baby, I know it’s weird, but it’s worth it Cause I guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose, on purpose But I guess that we did it on purpose But I guess that weRead More →

[Hook] About a year ago I met you, I was like, “oh shit” We sat and talked and sparked an L right by the ocean I feel like time has changed us both, but girl you know this So we can’t act like we don’t know how this shit goes When we in this moment right now, yeah When we in this moment right now Can you make the time go slower right now? Hey, when we in this moment So we can’t act like we don’t know how this shit goes When we in this moment right now [Verse 1] You too worried ’boutRead More →

[Verse 1] So I arrived, naked and cold A welcomed change from the abeyance of a ghost town catacomb No need for counsel I appreciate the time I’m not alone (Why don’t you get my lawyer on the phone) There were days these child eyes Would overlook the ugliness and fantasize I found my heart for the first time and I awakened in me I left myself to navigate And oh I felt control (It appears these sheep have quite an appetite) [Chorus 1] Who is the crowd that peers through the cage As we perform here upon the stage? [Verse 2] As the boyRead More →

Just had a bad day Had car trouble on the highway My stupid boss don’t like me Spilled hot coffee on my blue jeans I’m low on money and ain’t shit funny But it’s still sunny outside So I keep smiling, I won’t start wilin’ I just keep living my life Can’t keep me down, me down (It’s only temporary) Can’t make me frown, me frown (So I ain’t even worried) Cause the world keeps spinnin’ Life goes on and on I won’t cry for long (Won’t cry for long long long) Cause I’ll still be winnin’ When things are going wrong I turn onRead More →

Dismantling the clockwork that makes me the cynic Pallet, wheel and click The properties of my indifference Reverse-engineering what makes it tick Dissecting the finetuned mechanism Rack and barrel, spring and pin Its synchronous characteristics To kill what makes it spin Disassemble this machinery Re-program these eyes, undo this design Labelled and filed, each part indexed Broken to pieces then thoroughly burned Deconstruction of what I am Buried to make sure he never returns Taken apart, defused, blueprints turned to ashes Eradicate the last remains, remnants of the insane Disintegration, the destruction of me now imperative To purge myself of this condition, complete this dissolutionRead More →

We are origin We are increate You will see our coming for a thousand years Every violent element incarnate Made flesh and fused to one You may call us remnant As we are all that will be left Brought forth by ancient whisper Deployed by inverse suns To capture the essence of creation And render it undone We come to make all things collide Those joules define what we are An energy born in dissonance Long before first ever star Baptized in the river you call time We know that we are sacred In human tongue we’re apocalypse For we bring with us obliteration ThroughRead More →

Skyline draped in shimmering red Irradiant and treacherous Neon prophecies hail the end, the capital of piety Totalitarianopolis, city of dread The glorious streets of dystopia continuously running red This is where self is relinquished Autonomy sacrificed The idolatry of tyrants compulsory Welcome all to MonstroCity where norm is that of the insane All is illusion in MonstroCity Bow to it, it knows your name Relishing the idea of damnation “The wailing and gnashing of teeth” They know for sure where judgment’s due “What’s above and what’s beneath” This is where we fail, where the self-righteous reign The empire of imaginary ghosts This is blindRead More →

To you a beast you think you comprehend Not necessarily made all evil In the reflective pool of your eyes I see fear and intrigue co-mingle You hesitate to deem me all bad Yet when my face is shown, your eyes avert New thoughts sprout from that fearfilled soil Your nerves and intuition back on full alert You think that you’ve seen the truth, you think you know Yet disbelief grinds, the doubt it claws In your sleepless delirium I devour your thoughts If you only knew how your way of life sustains me Like electricity coursing through my soul Your will to retaliate, yourRead More →

A systematically applied veil to heedless eyes Focus deflected, ignore This is not our war Bury the abject shame in the same bile as our ideals The potent lubricant to deceits grinding wheels The menacing implications, the violent sleep of reason Betrayal we all help sustain Humanitarian treason This deadly inclination, this forfeiture of innocence The sacrifice of guiltless souls for our own deliverance The pain you feel Indifference thrust into your back Forged from our ignorance from our immorality A parody, this mockery To no avail you kneel before this our insanity Another life condemned Your fate sealed the second you came to existRead More →

Why mourn this travesty Hide this slow degradation Claw and compete mindlessly All things undone too late Craving our waking sleep Is binding us to this ivory tower Serves to complete the truth that we cling onto So what are these things you hold true The defensive wounds of the unknowing eye Weeping thousands of wretched tears To lubricate the end with our fear The concussion from the crack of the whip Nullifies, sensations die Always numbing, always preaching Never resting, never sleeping The construction is our penance here Tumorous growth chiseled in white When the darkness comes to slay the day Enters horrors thatRead More →

Impotent king beneath our feet You can rule down where you belong In dirt compacted, buried deep, you dwell with those you wronged Down there you can whisper, yell, even blare your odious lies To your silent audience of worms as they share with you, your eyes Tyrant, oppressor Your once resounding voice now just muted cries You self-avowed murderous god Ranks of annelids now you delegate Your commands unheard under ground Where your voice will never resonate Your time has come Declare the majesty fallen Your dominance, your hateful influence forever stifled Your sleep no longer impermanent Decaying matter now sums you up LikeRead More →

Jealous vengeful fabrication Halo-crowned invention Sacred universal lie Artificial divine Great archaic obsoletum A prevarication Deceitfully contrived Synthesized fictitious Dreamed up by remote prototypes Opiate for the yearning mass Administered applied Three letter word for monster Empty promises of healing Profit aptly buried in the lies An industry rapt with avarice Medicating blind Its acolytes Useless panacea Imaginary cure-all To you we cry and supplicate Into your hell we fall Blind belief in their eyes Forever atoning, credulously waiting Gazing to the skiesRead More →

Cry if you need to, disguise, evade, hide Run ’til you hit water, then swim Murder in your wake, plan, commit, exact You have earned our rage, now fly Beg if you have to, trade away your pride Run ’til you hit ground, then dig Death in your wake, those fantasies enacted You will learn that our rage won’t die You will surely pay the ultimate price There is no way you will escape our retribution It will not matter how long it takes You took them from us so we will take you Do you believe that luck will somehow stand you by? DoRead More →

The most eloquent confession, your silence The most admitting trait, your turning away Avert your eyes and hush your struggling thoughts Detachment assumed as life mutates into decay The most manifest sign, your disregard The one apparent fault, your shunning of care Contempt now bred, refed and well sustained Division now groomed, nurtured and well maintained Apathy, opprobrium Virulence and animosity This sums you up Betrayal, disunion and fear, isolation Caught in this endless spiral, locked equilibrium A stasis founded in this atrophy of thought Your eyes unflinching, unaffected by the misery Gone is commiseration, gone is any sympathy One last farewell to perspicacity FinalRead More →

[Verse 1] I don’t want you and I don’t need you, Don’t bother to resist, I’ll beat you. It’s not your fault that you’re always wrong, The weak ones are there to justify the strong. The beautiful people, the beautiful people, It’s all relative to the size of your steeple. You can’t see the forest for the trees, And you can’t smell your own shit on your knees. [Pre-Chorus] There’s no time to discriminate, Hate every motherfucker that’s in your way. [Chorus] Hey you, what do you see? Something beautiful, something free? Hey you, are you trying to be mean? If you live with apes,Read More →

[Intro] Take another look at yourself, Tell me what do you see, what do you see. Your’s souls reflection, Is it what it used to be? Take another look at yourself, Tell me what do you see. [Verse 1] Answers revolve around our heads like figures of our imagination, Measures are taken to purge pleasure and take life in as pain. This is bigger than you and me, This is bigger than you and me. Alarms, alarms as you wake from his dream, Human fellowship is sacred, This is bigger than you and me. [Chorus] Take another look at yourself, Tell me what do youRead More →

[Intro] Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel, can you feel my heart? (Can you feel my heart) [Verse 1] Can you help the hopeless? Well, I’m begging on my knees Can you save my bastard soul? Will you wait for me? I’m sorry brothers, so sorry lover, Forgive me father, I love you mother. [Chorus] Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel my heart? Can you feel my heart? (Can you feel my heart) (Can you feel my heart) [Hook] I’m scaredRead More →

[Verse] Let’s give it a shot, you and I on the court Time ticking on the clock, baby, I’mma try to score Cause you the hottest on the block Nothin’ dimmin’ your light But all the options that you got wouldn’t ever treat you right, no I don’t need a telescope to see the you’re the one But I do need your time and if ain’t yours, I’d rather have none I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me my fortune I have a million signs that my fortune just begun [Chorus] You got me jumping like Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka, boom Boom shakalaka,Read More →

[Intro] We will not, we will not, We will not be afraid. We will not, we will not, We will not be afraid. We will not, we will not, We will not be afraid. We will not, we will not, We will not… We are fearless! Fearless! [Verse 1] We bear the mark of the un-created god, So what should we fear? We bear the scars of the holy risen son. So tell me what should we fear? Every threat is hollow, Because our victory is already set in stone. We are the fearless ones! [Pre-Chorus] We will not, we will not, We will notRead More →

There’s nothing left to fear My work was never done I’m barely even here Fell down when I’d just begun Yet I stayed determined! Yes, I stayed determined! And I’ll stay determined To the end No flowers for my soul My followers are lost Yet all the lives I stole, Weren’t enough for the final cost Yet I stayed determined! Yes, I stayed determined! And I’ll stay determined To the end Am I fading away again? Will this darkness stay? “The Man Who Speaks In Hands,” Destroyed by one mistake But if you speak to Sans, Then you’ll see what he tried to break ThenRead More →

[Intro] Home is where you make it! [Verse 1] From a distance I feel lost, you can tell, Cause all the frames have been replaced and off the shelf. Chasing shadows as they follow me, But I can’t catch what I can’t see, Feeling so detached from what I know. I’m living the truth, you’re speaking in lies, It’s getting easier to say goodbye. The harder I try, the farther I fall, Away from the place I called my own. [Chorus] I will never know what happens next, Even when my heart beats out my chest. Through all of the chaos, I’ll find a wayRead More →

[Intro] I’d pull the trigger, But you’re already dead, If I could bring you back to life, I would kill you again! [Verse 1] Tell me now how do you sleep at night, With the Devil in your bed, Laying right by your side? And as you count all your dollars, You can count down the days. Cause when it’s all said and done, I’ll fucking spit on your grave. [Chorus] I would pull the trigger but you’re already dead, If I could bring you back to life, I would do it all again. And I looked in your eyes as it all came toRead More →