[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah Lala, lala, lala, nana, nana, nana [Hook: D.R.A.M] Ill Nana, she got that ill nana Damn it feel so good, make me throw my [?] in that Ill Nana, she got that ill nana Berry is so sweet, it make me throw my big banana in it Ill Nana, that ill Nana Ill Nana, Ill Nana Ill Nana, Ill Nana Ill Nana, Ill Nana [Verse 1: Trippie Redd] I just came through, gave me that ill Nana I ain’t even fuck that bitch, I got no time, that pussy too caught up Just bought a new shovel, yeah yeah yeah IRead More →

[Intro] You were looking for love [Verse 1] Long days got my wastin’ So baby, I’mma ’bout the racin’ Harley, speeding off chasin’ All things in moderation Now my heart’s at your battle station I was hoping that we stay patient Fill your hole, that is vacant Tell me, can I be your… [Chorus] Major love Major love Major love You were looking for love Major love Major love You were looking for love [Verse 2] By the way, I know a hideaway We can fly away, float on a higher lane And off course, you get a call Tell ya friends, I’m inviting themRead More →

[Verse 1: Ne-Yo] Something like a stranger Long time, no see I’ve been in a film or two But it’s you that’s acting Hollywood lately I’ve been watching from a distance Yeah, you poppin’ in your snaps and on IG See you livin’ life but girl it’s been a minute Since you checked up on me [Chorus: Ne-Yo] Oh, oh, oh It ain’t like you to be so cold on a nigga It ain’t like you to not hit my phone It ain’t like you to be so cold on a nigga It ain’t like you to up and get gone It ain’t like youRead More →

Yeah, yeah Here we go Ha ha ha Residue still on my hand It feel like I’m back in the kitchen Your bitch in the back of the Fisker You can’t imagine the trenches What you know about trapping and pitching? Now I got em laughing up in the back of the Bentley What you know about not having a penny? Phone jumping gotta bag it up quickly Phone off it was quiet for me Don’t say you love me, you ain’t dying for me I woke up this morning with a lot of money I’m just selling game come and buy it from meRead More →

[Verse 1] It’s not just a phase Now let me explain I’m working through some shit Sometimes I’m medicated It’s hard to relay The thoughts in my brain I’m working for a life that’s not domesticated [Pre-Chorus] It never goes the way that you planned Success is a door that always slams I’m trying to break it I’m trying to break it Searching for words, and praying for signs I struggle to find the rhythm and rhyme Don’t know how to say it Don’t know how to say it [Chorus] That I’m losing my mind Trying to find the perfect line I think I’m runningRead More →

[Verse 1] We were on fire I slashed your tires It’s like we burned so bright, we burned out I made you chase me I wasn’t that friendly My love, my drug, we’re fucked up, oh [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause I’ve been on the run so long, they can’t find me You waken up to remember I’m pretty And when the chemicals leave my body Yeah, they’re gonna find me in a hotel lobby ‘Cause Times they keep coming, all night Laughing and fucking Some days I can barely breathe After we were high on the love Don’t doubt it was you [Chorus] The pill I keepRead More →

[Intro: Sonny Digital (Tag)] Sonny Digitial [Chorus: TK Kravitz] Yeah, yeah, yeah I might just pull ’em bands out and it go crazy (aye) I’m’a have you celebrate the cake like its labor day (ya!) Pull up on a 4 G’s (ooh!), hoe you can’t afford these (skirr!) (yeah, yeah, yeah) Bitch I’m a star if you ask me (yeah, yeah, yeah) Baby I’m a star if you ask me (oh yeah, yeah, yeah) Hoe I’m a star if you ask me (yeah, yeah, yeah) Ask me (yeah, yeah, yeah), ask me (yeah, yeah, yeah), me [Verse: Lil Uzi Vert] (yeah, yeah, yeah) I justRead More →

Tweet Share Ninjaman and his son, Jamiel, were found guilty of murder in the Home Circuit Court on Monday. The dancehall legend, real name Desmond Ballentine, his Jamiel, and Dennis Clayton were found guilty by a seven-member jury who deliberated for three hours. According to the prosecution, the three men murdered 20-year-old Ricardo Johnson, aka Ricky Trooper, from Marl Road, Kingston 13 in March 2009. The three weeks trial was held in camera behind closed doors, which means the public or the media did not have access to the courtroom. Ninjaman, 51, and his two co-accused are facing life imprisonment for the crime. He willRead More →

Lyrics of Regalo – Karla Estrada Minamasdan ang ilaw na patay sindi Tulala sa harap ng krismas tree Balewala ang ganda’t kinang Kapag nag-iisa Naririnig ka gandang mga tinig Ng mga batang nagkakaroling Ngunit kulang ang sayang Dapat na nararamdaman Ikaw sana, ngayong pasko’y kapiling Nangangarap sabay tayong nilalamig Walang ibang hinihiling ang puso ko Sanay yakap mo ang regalo ko Ngayong pasko Hinahanap haplos mo sa aking pisngi Sa lamig tuwing magsisimbang gabi Kailan kaya muling mararamdaman Ang pagmamahal Ikaw sana, ngayong pasko’y kapiling Nangangarap sabay tayong nilalamig Walang ibang hinihiling ang puso ko Sanay yakap mo ang regalo ko Ngayong pasko Ikaw sana,Read More →

Tweet Share Ninjaman has shared his reaction to his murder conviction on Monday. The guilty verdict sent shock waves throughout the dancehall community as another well known figure in the genre is staring down a life imprisonment sentence. “A suh it go, man,” Ninjaman told reporters as he was leaving the Supreme Court on Monday. The dancehall deejay was escorted back to jail by a heavy contingent of police personnel. “Don’t f*** with me Jamaica, I’ll be back!” the deejay added. Ninjaman, born Desmond Ballentine, his son Janiel, and Dennis Clayton, were all found guilty of the murder of 20-year-old Ricardo Johnson, who was shotRead More →

Tweet Share Atlanta rapper Bambino Gold’s body was found in Alabama two weeks after he went missing. The news sent shock waves in the local Atlanta hip hop community. On November 7, Bambino, whose real name is Edward Reeves, and his cousin Kendrick Stokes were reported missing and cops launched an investigation into their disappearance. Sadly, over the weekend, both men bodies were found just miles apart in Alabama, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Details surrounding the incident is still sketchy, but cops are treating their death as a homicide. Bambino Gold and Kendrick Stokes bodies were found in a wooded area in Macon County, justRead More →

Tweet Share Tommy Lee Sparta found the “Antidote” for your stress and problems. The Guzu Musiq deejay teams with Damage Musiq, the producer, for his new single “Antidote.” The new track comes just a few days after his social media spate with rival dancehall deejay Alkaline. “Sparta no play / Poverty run gone quickly / Stress affi run gone with it / Mi feel rich fresh plane pon the hip strip / All yo girlfriend waan come with me / Right now mi have a cure fi them / Fi tek weh yo problems,” Tommy Lee deejay. This month alone, Tommy Lee Sparta released fourRead More →

[Chorus: Drew Love] It’s hard to sleep these days The sounds of all the screams keep me awake Love is gone, love is gone [?] tear we break, stand by and watch us all go up in flames Love is gone, love is gone (uh, yeah) [Verse 1] Shit, the world is a flame We worry about materials and the simplest things When cops are killing people, and can’t take the blame They get acquitted, then you wonder why all the people rage, stupid We all keep praying for peace, praying for progress If you live in the hills then you stay in the projectsRead More →

[Intro] Lil Purpp, aye this shit sound Smokepurpp as fuck Lil Purpp bless yo trap Oh my God, Ronny [Chorus] Damn, I geek a lot, I geek a lot and a lot I’m off the Xan, pour the Wok And I got VVS diamonds my watch Stop tryin’ come in my spot I want the brain, want the top Tell one to come in my spot I’m off the bean, not the Wok [Verse] Wait, yeah I got rich I could just fuck any bitch Smokin’ on thoink with yo bitch She say my gas really hit Big choppas, ride with mad yoppas She seeRead More →

Δε φεύγω θα μείνω όλη νύχτα στην πόρτα σου θα μείνω όλη νύχτα στα σκαλιά Τ’ αστέρια θα πάρω αγκαλιά θα λέω το όνομά σου σιγά Δε φεύγω όσο και αν θες δε φεύγω Κι ας έρθει χειμώνας και βροχή τα βράδια θα παγώνει η ψυχή ο ήλιος θα καίει το πρωί Για πάντα θα μείνω αν ρωτάς για πάντα θα ‘μαι εδώ να με κοιτάς Για πάντα, εδώ είναι το κορμί, εδώ είναι η ζωή Δε φεύγω αν δε φύγουμε μαζί Δε φεύγω θα μείνω όλη νύχτα στην πόρτα σου θα μείνω να σ’ ακούω να μιλάς Με φίλους σε νιώθω γελάς μα δίπλαRead More →

[Verse 1: OMB Peezy] I been goin’ through some things Said can I take some time and vent? I was strugglin’, now I got different struggles now that I’m gettin’ rich Ain’t that a shame, how rugged this shit get Bet they see a nigga with a stack or somethin’ and they beg to suck a nigga’s dick Been through the rain You’ll watch a nigga get soaked That’s your brother nigga, say you love the nigga How you watch a nigga stay broke? Same way I came, I ain’t changing up on my bros Know a nigga that I called brother talking to themRead More →

These are your good years Don’t take my advice You never wanted the nice boys anyway And I’m of good cheer Cause I’ve been checking my list The gifts you’re receiving from me Will be One awkward silence And two hopes you cry yourself to sleep Staying up, waiting by the phone And all I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me Before you bury yourself alive Don’t come home for Christmas You’re the last thing I want to see Underneath the tree Merry Christmas, I could care less Happy new years baby You owe me the best giftRead More →

[Chorus] Oh, I promise I didn’t know he was your man I would have noticed a gold wedding band Diane I’d rather you hate me than not understand Oh, Diane [Verse 1] You pick the time and the place Dont know how much this hurts I gave him my heart to break Now I know he broke yours first Lyin’ right there in my bed While he was lying to you Believing the words that he said How could we be such fools? [Pre-Chorus] And all those nights that he’s given to me I wish that I could give them back to you [Chorus] DianeRead More →

[Chorus] Walk in with that sack on me Big backwood no black on me Breakin down OG I smokin out of OZ Backwood backwood backwood backwood Backwood backwood backwood backwood Breakin down OG I smokin out of OZ [Verse 1] Big backwood no black on me No Kodak but I be smoking broccoli I get Too turned up you can not talk to me I smell just like a forest, I got all the trees Take them down like that bitch right damn now Pass that round pass that round I’m so high my feet can’t even touch the ground Link up with the dopeRead More →

[Intro:] You wanna know what was happening While you were living it up in Mali or Cali or Yahweh whatever it is There was 15 murders the first week and 21 last week in this Goddamn city You know decent people are gonna have to work here and live somewhere else [By decent people you mean people who can afford to live somewhere else] For Christ you are such a bleeding heart Liberal [My heart bleeds a little for the underprivileged, yeah] If I was at the field they’d be back in the war zone [?] Hawaii [Seemed pretty good until they ran in theRead More →

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar] Blessed are the bullies For one day they will have to stand up to themselves Blessed are the liars For the truth can be awkward [Verse 1: Bono] It’s not a place This country is to me a sound Of drum and bass You close your eyes to look around [Bridge 1: Bono] Look around, look around Look around, it’s a sound Look around, look around It’s a sound [Verse 2: Bono] It’s not a place This country is to me a thought That offers grace For every welcome that is sought [Chorus: Bono] You are rock and roll You and IRead More →

[Verse 1: Becky G] Counting the days, waited all year Sit back and celebrate when Christmas time is near Once, too soon, I bought your gift in May Can’t believe we’re here on my favorite holiday [Pre-Chorus: Becky G] There’s been times before you wish for so much more When I was down and filled with doubt, I had you And we made it through the year, it’s so good to be here [Chorus: Becky G] So we put it in a song, dance the way we want, turn the fire on Baby, we can hang it up together, give to one another Snuggle throughRead More →

[Chorus] Here’s a simple song Won’t stop the rain from coming down Or your heart from breaking Here’s a simple song It’s never gonna turn this day around Stood the earth from shaking It’s just a simple song Nothing right or wrong You can sing along if you want to [Verse 1] Well, I know it’s not been easy But easy ain’t worth singin’ about Yeah, I know, I know The time goes slow But it always running out [Chorus] Here’s a simple song Won’t stop the rain from coming down Or your heart from breaking Here’s a simple song It’s never gonna turn thisRead More →

[Verse 1] In your eyes, there’s a heavy blue One to love, and one to lose Sweet divide, a heavy truth Water or wine, don’t make me choose [Pre-Chorus] I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night, night Drunk on a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky [Chorus] I’ve been running through the jungle I’ve been running with the wolves To get to you, to get to you I’ve been down the darkest alleys Saw the dark side of the moon To get to you, to get to you I’ve looked for love in every stranger Took too much toRead More →

Tweet Share Rapper Cassidy is currently in some legal troubles after being busted for marijuana possession and an outstanding warrant. The Philly rapper was arrested on Sunday in Jersey City outside of his home, TMZ reported. The “My Drink N’ My 2 Steps” MC was sitting inside a vehicle smoking marijuana when cops pulled up. According to the police report, cops smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the van and also noticed a blunt sitting on the dashboard in full view. Cops also found a bag of weed and a grinder inside the vehicle. Cassidy was arrested and charged for possession of marijuanaRead More →

Tweet Share Ninjaman is staring down a life sentence in prison and will likely run into the likes of Vybz Kartel who he once had a beef with. The dancehall legend was convicted on Monday by a seven-member jury panel. The artist, born Desmond Ballentine, his son Janiel, and Dennis Clayton were all found guilty of the killing of Ricardo Johnson, a crime that could have been easily avoided. According to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, Ninjaman legal troubles started from a simple domestic dispute on Marl Road, Kingston 13, over kitchen space. “One of the tenants was an old lady, andRead More →

[Chorus] Uh oh we’re in trouble Something’s come along And it’s burst our bubble Yeah yeah Uh oh we’re in trouble Gotta get home Quick march on the double We’ve been out all night And we haven’t been home We’re walking through the back streets All alone The party was great, yeah We were really thrilled And when we get in we’re gonna get killed [Chorus] Uh oh we’re in trouble Something’s come along And it’s burst our bubble Yeah yeah Uh oh we’re in trouble Gotta get home Quick march on the double We couldn’t get a cab ’cause we ain’t got no moneyRead More →

人魚のナミダは 海へと返るの 人魚のナミダは… 絶対絶対 実らない恋があるってことを 知らずにずっと あなただけを追いかけ続けた私は 生きる世界が違う王子様(ひと)に 憧れてしまった人魚姫です 夢から醒めたら 行き場をなくして… 抱きしめてください 波にさらわれるように 痛みを 感じてみたいわ せめてひとつだけ 真実欲しいの 泡になってしまう前に 抱きしめて 私のナミダは 海へと滲むの あなた…さようなら 二度と二度と 逢えないままで生きていくのなら ああいっそいっそ あなたなんて知らないあの日に帰りたい 幼い頃に読んでいた 哀しい結末(おわり)の人魚姫です 失ったものは 取り戻せないわ… 愛してはくれない 人を愛してたから 私の胸の どこにも 傷つく隙間は 残っていないわ 深い深い海の底 沈むだけ 人魚のナミダは 海へと返るの あなた…さようなら なぜ海の色は このナミダと 同じ色をしてるの? どんなに 求めたって 決してあなたとは 結ばれないの 泣いている 人魚姫 抱きしめてください 波にさらわれるように 痛みを 感じてみたいわ せめてひとつだけ 真実欲しいの 泡になってしまう前に 抱きしめて 私のナミダは 海へと滲むの あなた…さようならRead More →

Me ga samereba itsumo kawaranai keshiki no naka ni ite Taisetsu na koto sae mienaku natte shimau yo Ikiteru imi mo sono yorokobi mo Anata ga oshiete kureta koto de 「Daijoubu kamo」 tte ieru ki ga suru yo Ima sugu aitai sono egao ni Anata o tsutsumu subete ga yasashisa de afureru you ni Watashi wa tsuyoku mayowazu anata o itoshi tsudzukeru yo Donna toki mo soba ni iru yo Atarimae no koto wa itsu demo wasuresararegachi de Ikitsugi mo wasurete jikan dake o tabete yuku Hana no namae mo sora no hirosa mo Anata wa oshiete kureta koto de Ai to yoberu mono wakattaRead More →

LOVE naki nagara nan datte norikoete kita no LOVE hitori de ne dareka wo matte ita no yo Shiro to kuro dake ni nurareta sabishisa ni tsutsumare nemuru Jibun to jidai wo nageku tabi ai ga hoshii ! To sakende ita Soshite sou ano yoru ni deatta no… Anata ni MONOKURO no Ah sekai ga sugu ni hikari kagayaita no yo "Suki" demo nai "daisuki" demo nai tatoeru nara You’re my LIFE (Wowwow…) anata ga subete You’re my LOVE KISS kono hada ni anata no kuchibiru fureru to KISS azayaka na akai hana-tachi ga saku wa Mou mukashi no watashi ja nai konna ni aisareteruRead More →